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Glaucoma – a disease, characterized by recurrent or persistent increase inner ocular tension. Nowadays it exists: visual field defects, reducing its severity or the optic nerve atrophy.

The main symptoms of disease: pain, heaviness in the eyes, pain, blurred vision, narrowing of the field of view of deteriorating visibility at night. The emergence of “rainbow circles” in the direct on bright light; deterioration of peripheral vision; color vision destruction.

The main forms of glaucoma are:

  • open-angle glaucoma - the most common form, that is no clearly symptomatic. Long felt growing inner ocular tension, which increases slowly and gradually,  is characterized by impaired fluid circulation in the eye. Causes poor circulation and decreased visual functions;
  • angle-closure glaucoma – a rare form, most often develops in long-sightedness. There is a rapid uplift of inner ocular tension.

Furthermore, there are:

  • congenital glaucoma – anomaly of development, infectious diseases, poisoning and A-vitamin deficiency;
  • juvenile glaucoma – occurs in children older than 3 years.

Glaucoma (Chicago) can be caused by abnormalities of the eye.

At VZN Eye Care (vzneyecare.com) are the finest Glaucoma specialists (Chicago). To detect the peculiarities of the development of disease, they perform regular eye examinations. The main steps of examination:

  • Measure of eye pressure
  • Checking the drainage angle of the eye;
  • Visual field of each eye will be testing;
  • Evaluation of the optic nerve.

After a reasonable examination of the patient and detection of glaucoma (Chicago), depending on the stage of the disease, its forms and associated diseases, in the clinic VZN Eye Care you will be given an individual treatment program. Staff of highly qualified glaucoma specialist (Chicago) will provide you with the proper care and performing special procedures. On the early stages of glaucoma can be used conservative treatment of glaucoma (eye drops), but it is not always effective. With further development of the disease may need laser or surgical treatment of glaucoma. All techniques are performed on an outpatient basis and do not require a hospital stay.

The reports provide the necessary information such as the extent of damage and the type of treatment required. To know more about services or schedule an appointment, please get in touch with Chicago glaucoma specialists via phone or email.

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